This is a commemorative page for Marta.

Everyone who knew Marta is encouraged to share their memories of her.

You may post images and/or text up to 1000 characters.In order to get published on this page, please download and compile the application form then email it to the following address:

Attach any photos to the same email.

Form-Friends of Marta

Once a submission is received, the “Marta P.G.A.” organisation reserves the right to verify that the  submitter has known Marta, and that the text and images are in accordance with the principles of the organisation.

No pictures will be returned. We reserve the right to crop or resize the image in order to make it fit the space available.

Submissions to the “Friends of Marta” page are free of charge and do not imply that the sender has to make a donation or support the “Marta P.G.A.” organisation in any manner.